Patrick Mahomes

Here in Chiefs Kingdom, we see no reason why anyone and everyone should root for anyone other than Patrick Mahomes. He’s an electric performer on the field and he’s as likable as any athlete off of it. He’s charitable and social. He projects an everyman quality to him even as he’s part owner in pretty much any K.C.-based establishment. He’s a family man to boot and he’s willing to help bring new businesses to town (a la Whataburger).

If you want to stick to the field, who else in the league is throwing left-handed passes, shortstop tosses, effortless deep threats, and imaginative cross-body throws? He’s creeping back into the MVP conversation again in 2021 after winning the award in 2018 and finishing second in each of the last two seasons. Oh yeah, he just turned 26 and he’s married to the Kansas City Chiefs into the 2030s.